Commitment to Agriculture

Not long ago, Hawaiʻi was one of the most agriculturally rich places on the planet. Everything anyone needed was grown or gathered right here in the middle of the Pacific, and traditional farming practices supported a thriving Native Hawaiian population. Today, there’s a strong desire to reconnect our islands to a more self-sufficient past. We recognize the important role our fleet plays in linking Hawaiʻi’s farms to local kitchens and dining tables. That’s why we’ve made a special commitment to support local agriculture.

With Young Brothers, it’s easier than ever for farmers to transport their goods between islands. We offer shipping discounts on locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and livestock. We also discount the cost of shipping fertilizer, feed, and other farming inputs. Overnight deliveries guarantee quick market entry times. And our temperature-controlled refrigerated containers keep fruits and vegetables crisp, bright, and full of nutrients. Food is what binds us together, and Young Brothers is committed to keeping it local.

Sustainable You, A Path to a Better of Hawai`i

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