Young Brothers shares with its customers the desire to safely and efficiently ship livestock statewide.  Toward that aim, all harbor users of Young Brothers’ facilities, including animal handlers and shippers, must comply with the United States Clean Water Act, regulations promulgated thereunder by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), State of Hawai`i Department of Health regulations, and Young Brothers’ tariff.

Reservations are REQUIRED for all livestock shipments.

We recommend making reservations at least one week prior to your requested sailing.  When making reservations, the following information is required:

  • Shipper Contact Information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
  • Consignee Contact Information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
  • Port of Origin
  • Port of Destination
  • Description of Cargo including the following:
    • Cargo Type:  Box Stall, Trailer, Cowtainer
    • Dimensions of cargo
  • Sail Date
  • For TRANSSHIPMENTS ONLY:  Name and phone number of Livestock Tenderer

Preparing your Livestock

Young Brothers does NOT provide shipping devices for the transport of livestock between the islands.  Shipping devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be configured so as to prevent the discharge of livestock waste from the shipping devices on to the Carrier’s facility or vessel and/or into the surrounding waters.
  • Must have the name of the owner and phone number printed on the devices.
    • Markings should be legible and clearly marked.
  • Must be able to safely forklift the box stall or cowtainer or drive the trailer on and off the barge.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their livestock is properly secured in their box stall, horse trailer, or cowtainer.

Young Brothers reserves the right to refuse the shipment if the above requirement’s are not met or if they deem the cargo unsafe for handling. 

Departure Information – Tendering your Livestock

Upon arriving at the Young Brothers port, a Security Officer will request valid identification for all adults 18 and over entering the premises.  A valid driver’s license is required by the driver of the vehicle.  The Security Officer will then direct you to the proper location to drop off your cargo.

Livestock shipments will be accepted 90 minutes prior to sailing.  A check-in date and time will be provided to shippers at the time of booking.

For livestock being checked in with a bill of lading, a Freight Clerk will inspect your cargo and notate measurements (if applicable) and exceptions of cargo on the bill of lading.  If more than one person is required to handle your livestock, please bring additional assistance with you.  A copy of the Bill of Lading will be provided to you as a receipt.  The Bill of Lading number may be used for future reference to your shipment.

For livestock being checked in as a full straightload cowtainer, please proceed to the container station.  Your trucker will receive a gate receipt.

All livestock shipments MUST be pre-paid.  The Freight Clerk will direct you to the Customer Service Office.  Young Brothers accepts cash, check, or credit card for payment.


Transshipment of Livestock Shipments

Please provide your Livestock Tenderers in Honolulu a copy of your booking.

Preparing Your Paperwork

In addition to a Young Brothers Bill of Lading, which can be obtained at the port upon check-in, YB requires livestock shippers to submit an original Department of Agriculture Certificate of Livestock Ownership Movement Form (DC-44).

This form can only be obtained from the Division of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture.  Livestock shipments will be rejected without the original signed off form.

Arrival Information – Picking Up Your Livestock at the Port of Destination

Livestock shipments are made available on the day the barge arrives.  Please call your local office and press 1 to hear what time the barge arrives.

Cargo Availability

  1. To pick up your livestock, please go to the Customer Service Office at the Port of Destination to retrieve your Bill of Lading.
  2. If transferring livestock, clean up any spillage that may occur.
  3. If you would like your boxstall or cowtainer forklifted, a Machine Operator will load your cargo.
  4. Inspect your equipment and sign off on the bill of lading with a Freight Clerk.
  5. Upon exiting, please show your blue copy of the bill of lading or gate receipt to the Security Officer.

Additional Requirements

To meet these requirements at any facility of the Harbors Division of the State Department of Transportation (DOT-H) operated by Young Brothers (YB facility), all livestock handlers and shippers must comply with the measures listed below:

  • Thoroughly clean any spillage of animal waste and dispose of the waste at an off–site location. Cleaning includes sweeping and removing waste that has fallen onto the pier when transferring animals from one holding device to another device. NO WATER is allowed in the cleaning process at a YB facility.
  • Thoroughly clean any animal shipping or holding device after each use before leaving the device at a YB facility or tendering an empty device for shipping. Cleaning at a YB facility includes removal of any animal waste, soiled bedding, and leftover feed by broom or shovel. NO WATER is allowed in the cleaning process at a YB facility.
  • Bring your own trash receptacles, brooms, shovels, and other cleaning equipment each time you are delivering or picking up animals.
  • Do not throw any animal waste (including soiled bedding and feed) into the ocean or in any trash receptacle on the pier.
  • Clearly label privately-owned animal shipping or holding devices with the name and contact number of the device owner.
  • Configure shipping or holding devices to prevent the discharge of livestock waste from any such devices onto any YB facility or Young Brothers vessel and/or into surrounding waters.

Failure to comply may result in fines levied by the EPA and/or DOT-H, or accessorial charges for cleaning and other actions taken by Young Brothers. In addition, Young Brothers will reject devices that do not adequately prevent animal waste discharges. Such devices will not be allowed to sail or remain at a YB facility until corrective actions are taken. Thank you for your cooperation.

COMING SOON!!!  Interisland Livestock Shipper Certification Program:  Livestock-Focused, Industry-Driven

The livestock industry has come together to develop a livestock shipper certification program that puts the safety of the animals and personnel shipping them first.  The Interisland Livestock Shipper Certification, currently in the pilot phase, is a free online training program that briefly covers the best management practices for interisland ocean transport of livestock in the State of Hawaii.  Certification is valid for 3 years from date of course completion.  Once launched to all livestock shippers, certification will be required for any shipper transporting livestock with Young Brothers, LLC.

The goals of the Interisland Livestock Shipper Certification Pilot Program:

  • Provide basic guidance to new livestock shippers to keep personnel and animals safe and protect the integrity of livestock shippers.
  • Ensure that experienced shippers are reminded of guidelines every three years with a re-certification.
  • Demonstrate to the community that the livestock industry is proactive in ensuring safe livestock shipping.

To learn more about the Interisland Livestock Shipper Certification click here.

Mahalo for shipping with Young Brothers!

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