Cargo Insurance and Filing Claims

Included in your freight charges is a premium for cargo insurance. Young Brothers’ Tariff 5-A is an insured tariff, which means that damages are claimed against your own cargo insurance. YB makes the insurance available to you at a reduced rate.

If damage occurs or your cargo is lost, you may file a claim under your cargo insurance. The claim will be handled through a third party claims adjuster, who has been appointed by the cargo insurer. For more information, you may download instructions for filing a claim and/or download a claim form.

Listed below are some of the key points to remember when you are filing a claim.

  • Notify in writing that you intend to file a claim within 60 days after your cargo was delivered or should have been delivered.
  • File a completed claim form, which you can get from this website or from any Young Brothers’ office.
  • Include all of the documents listed on the instruction sheet.
  • Your claim will be reviewed and processed upon receipt of all required documentation with determination in 3-5 weeks.

New claims should be sent to: Please note in the subject line: “Bill of Lading Number ______” (insert number in blank)

AON Contact information for those who have filed:

Rochelle Weisbarth, YB Cargo Claims Administrator
Phone: 1 (808) 548-4411
Fax: 1 (808) 548-4422

Leslie Barrow, YB Cargo Claims Manager
Phone: 1 (808) 235-0504
Fax: 1 (808) 235-0609

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