Young Brothers Receives Approval from the Public Utilities Commission

Update:  Monday, August 18, 2020

On Friday, August 14, the Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) held an evidentiary hearing to discuss Young Brothers’ emergency request for temporary rate relief totaling $27 million.

Yesterday, the PUC issued its order approving an “across-the-board” rate increase of approximately 46 percent with several conditions over the next 12 months, including resuming the full “pre-COVID” sailing schedule by Sept. 1, 2020, which will restore the previously suspended sailings to the ports of Hilo and Kahului.  As we work through logistical changes to restore our sailing schedule, we will continue to operate on our temporarily adjusted sailing schedule through August 31, 2020.  We thank you for patience.  The order also asks us to work together with our customers to evaluate and improve the way we serve you across the state.

We appreciate the PUC’s assistance in helping us chart a new and more sustainable future for Young Brothers.  While we are still reviewing the details of the order, we are confident that Young Brothers will be able to continue its legacy of service to our island communities.

We are sensitive to the fact that this is a difficult time for many businesses, which is why Young Brothers implemented extensive cost-saving measures, including but not limited to pay cuts and reductions in our workforce, and we pursued all available avenues of potential financial assistance from the State and other means before asking for this emergency, temporary rate increase.  You should also know that we did not seek any sort of profit as a part of this request.

Young Brothers plays a vital role in Hawai‘i as the water carrier responsible for transporting all cargo that originates and ends in the state.  It is also the only water carrier to serve all islands and transport all types of cargo.


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