Young Brothers receives inquiries regarding our services on a daily basis. To help our customers find the answers to the questions they have, here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If the information listed below does not answer your questions or you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I get an automated cargo arrival notice by e‐mail or by facsimile?

Customers can be added to the e‐mail or facsimile distribution by using this form and e‐mailing the required information to info@htbyb.com. In addition, at the time of booking, our customer agent will be asking for your e‐mail address or facsimile number to notify you if the information is not currently on file.

For what types of cargo will Young Brothers be providing automated cargo arrival notices?

At the present time, automated cargo arrival notices will be sent for containers.

When would I receive the automated cargo arrival notice?

Once your cargo becomes available, an automated e‐mail, or facsimile notice will be sent using the contact information on file or obtained at the time of booking. The notice will advise you that your cargo is available for pick‐up.

How would I be notified if I am shipping other than a container?

Notices of arrival of all other cargo will continue to occur by telephone or manually by facsimile or e‐mail.

What happens if I have multiple people within my company that need the automated cargo arrival notice by e‐mail?

It would be best to create an internal group e‐mail address comprising all employees who need to be notified of the cargo’s arrival and to relay this e‐mail address by filling out the Automated Cargo Arrival Notice Update form and e‐mailing it to info@htbyb.com.

I ship multiple containers on a single sailing. Will I get a single automated cargo arrival notice once all containers are ready for pick up?

You will receive an automated cargo arrival notice for each container, once each container becomes available for pick‐up.

Is e‐mail notice the only method by which I can get notified of my cargo’s availability?

Customers have the option of choosing one type of automated notification: either by e‐mail, or facsimile.  E‐mail notification is highly recommended to receive timely information of your cargo’s availability.

How do I update contact information regarding receipt of automated cargo arrival notices?

Please fill out the Automated Cargo Arrival Notice Update form and send to info@htbyb.com.

Does Young Brothers offer a discount for local agricultural products?

YB offers extremely reasonable rates for local agricultural products. Specifically, YB has offered an “Island Product” discount for decades. In 1995, that discount was raised to 30% for less than container load (LCL) shipments. More recently, a 35% discount for straight load container shipments has been added. To estimate the cost of different shipment options and tariff rates, please see our shipping price estimator tools.

Can agricultural products be refrigerated during transport on a Young Brothers barge?

Yes. For years, YB has supported local farmers with refrigeration services at extremely reasonable rates. YB accepts straight-load refrigerated containers, as well as less-than-container-loads (LCL). Containers can be provided by YB, or shippers may use their own containers. For LCL, YB employees will load the cargo into a YB refrigerated container, load the container onto the barge, transport the refrigerated container via barge, and unload the cargo from the container at the destination port. Customers can set their preferred temperature for straight-load containers. YB sets the temperature of refrigerated containers for LCL cargo at two levels:

Freeze_______0 Fahrenheit or -17.8 Celsius
Chill_______38 Fahrenheit or +3.3 Celsius

How and when should I pay for my shipment?

Young Brothers accepts charge cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover). Customers may also establish an account with Young Brothers. Customers have the option of paying for the freight charges at the time of drop off (Port of Origin) or at the time of pick up (Port of Destination).

When is the latest I can drop off my cargo and have it make the barge?

Young Brothers recommends that cargo be delivered the day prior to the barge sailing date. Click here for schedules.

Can I ship from Maui to Kauai?

Yes, although Young Brothers does NOT directly sail from one neighbor island port to another. The cargo may be shipped from Maui to Honolulu, where it would be discharged and loaded onto the barge departing for Kauai. Young Brothers calls this transshipment.

Does Young Brothers ship to the mainland?

Young Brothers does NOT ship outside the State of Hawaii

Does Young Brothers allow refrigeration trucks to plug in to power outlets during the voyage?

YB transports cargo in refrigerated containers – not refrigeration trucks. Refrigerated containers are plugged in during the voyage. YB can ship your refrigeration truck, but YB cannot accept vehicles with more than a ¼ tank of gasoline, and vehicles or any equipment with the vehicle may not be running during the voyage.

Does Young Brothers charge an extra weight fee, and would it apply to my vehicle?

The extra weight fee applies to any cargo (including vehicles and containers) exceeding 60,000 pounds (30 tons). Automobiles are typically up to 6,500 pounds (a little over 3 tons).

What is required to ship my car to another island?

Reservations are required for all automobile shipments and should be placed at least two weeks in advance by calling any Young Brothers Office. Click here to view the process of Shipping Your Vehicle. Hawaii State Law requires that the shipper have proper documentation to ship the car. Click here for Documentation Requirements.

How much will it cost to ship my car?

Please see our Shipping Price Estimator for an estimate of all-inclusive costs. Automobile rates are based upon vehicle weights and dimensions. You can also Click here for the tariff rates. In addition to freight charges shown in the tariff, shipments are assessed wharfage and insurance charges.

How long does it take a Young Brothers barge to sail to its destination?

We generally load our barges during the day, set sail in the evening, and arrive the next day. Depending on the type of cargo, a customer may be able to drop off cargo at a YB port one day and pickup at another YB port the next day. You can check our recommended delivery and availability information on our Schedules and Maps Section

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