From one carton through an entire barge load, Young Brothers services the full spectrum of cargo needs.

At Young Brothers, shippers are allowed to ship everything from pre-loaded equipment such as containers to less than container loads (LCL cargo). Available equipment types are described on the YB Equipment page. LCL cargo consists of two broad categories: palletized and unpalletized (also called “Mixed”).

Palletized Cargo

Palletized cargo consists of cargo secured to pallets and tendered as a unit. Reservations are NOT required for palletized cargo, and cargo is shipped based on space available on the barge.

Unpalletized, Mixed Cargo

Mixed cargo consists of individual boxes or items tendered to YB. These items may consist of furniture, equipment, boxes, household items, etc. Reservations are NOT required for mixed cargo, and cargo is shipped based on when the container is filled, as well as when space is available on the barge.

Where Do I Begin?

Listed below are some simple steps to follow to ship goods with Young Brothers. Click here for full details on the process for shipping goods.

  • All containerized shipments and other special cargo types require a reservation. No Bill of Lading is required for containerized shipments. Please make reservations at least two weeks in advance.
  • Any palletized of loose cargo does not require a reservation, but is received and delivered at limited times and will be shipped as space allows. Please consult our schedule here.
  • Properly package, label, and prepare your cargo, including weatherizing your LCL cargo.
  • Drop off your cargo on the proper delivery date as indicated by the recommended delivery schedule, or as instructed during the reservations process.
  • When tendering your LCL cargo, you will be required to complete a Bill of Lading. For more information on how to complete a Bill of Lading, please see our sample Bill of Lading and instructions.
  • If your cargo contains hazardous materials, including fuel, please follow the instructions on our Hazardous Materials page.
  • Payment may be made either at time of delivery to Young Brothers or at time of pick up from Young Brothers.
  • When picking up your cargo, inspect cargo PRIOR to leaving the facility.

Additional Information

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