Young Brothers’ Tide Calendar returns for 2023 – Coming soon!

We look forward to sharing the return of our annual tide calendar for the 2023 calendar year, until then enjoy scenes from our last calendar published in 2020.  Mahalo.

Alaka‘i ‘ia e Ke Kai

Long before there was GPS navigation systems to rely on, Polynesians were masters and voyagers of the sea; steering through vast ocean currents with only environmental surroundings as their compass.  Clues about their location, direction and distance from their voyage came solely from the position of the stars, the rise and set of the sun and moon, birds flying overhead, and ocean current patterns.

Guided by the Sea

Years of mo‘olelo or stories, provided teachings that were passed on from generation to generation, continuing the tradition of Polynesian navigation and the determination of constant exploration.  For 120 years, Young Brothers has carried on the mo‘olelo of previous navigators to continue our legacy as the state’s primary interisland shipping company.

Our commitment to safety, reliability, efficiency, and our communities is evident by our employees’ dedication, and our commitment to continually evolve with the changing times including with vessel and equipment upgrades.

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